Vol. 5 of the Passport to Trespass Series: Come Home
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"2008, a year spent on the road. Beginning wandering New Mexico alone, then across New England, and down the east coast on tour with Brown Bird, to an island off the coast of Washington state and wandering down the western coast of the states during my saturn's return"
Limited Edition 100 Copies Signed and Numbered
84 Pages, Full Color, Soft Cover

Domestic or International

dylan angell
brooklyn, ny
december 12, 2009

north south east.....
brooklyn, ny
december 11, 2009

taking compass readings
brooklyn, ny
december 11, 2009

brooklyn, ny
december 10, 2009

ungodly hour
brooklyn, ny
december 9, 2009

jon french
brooklyn, ny 
december 7, 2009

dead zone
december 1, 2009

it is the going and the return
brooklyn, ny 

november 30, 2009

come back and tell me if my dream corresponds to reality

november 25, 2009
invisible cities pt. 2
barcelona & madrid
november 2009


invisible cities pt. 1
barcelona & madrid
november 2009

rattle the windows
randolph, vt
october 8, 2009

mid coast
october 4, 2009

salt water farm
lincolnville, me
october 3, 2009

father's house
randolph, vt
september 13, 2009