soon this portion of my life will be over and i will be free again
new york city, ny
december 27, 2011
 the year of living dangerously
brooklyn, ny
january 19, 2011

 new york, thank you for being with us tonight
january 18, 2011
the waverly den
new york, ny
january 18, 2010

ginsberg liberated leary
brooklyn, ny
january 17, 2011
there was a way that i wanted to live my life
november 1999

been spending more time
new york city
january 10, 2011

even off the road, sleeps in a bed roll
brooklyn, ny
january 9, 2011

just passing through
brooklyn, ny
january 6, 2011

 the places that never were supposed to, suddenly become home
brooklyn, ny
january 5, 2011
 i'm not sure what, but something's ending soon
new york, ny
january 4, 2011

let us begin
brooklyn, ny
january 1, 2011