and back
point reyes, ca
april 16, 2011
on the edge
point reyes, ca
april 15, 2011

never could hold still all that long
california coast
april 14, 2011 

 just rode the coast for days
april 2011

 going to california
pch 1
april 11, 2011

and this of home
s. undermountain road, ma
april 9, 2011

 reminds me of belgrade
south bronx, ny
april 6, 2011

miss pickens
breezy point, ny
april 2, 2011

if we live that long
fort tilden, ny
march 30, 2011
i saw this all from above as well as below
breezy point, ny
march 29, 2011

 you are only lost if you want to be somewhere other than where you are
western, ma
march 13, 2011