this is the end
brooklyn, ny
may 26, 2011

{thank you all}

 gonna sit still for awhile and see what happens
new york, ny
 may 9, 2011

new preston, ct
may 2, 2011
 someday i'd like to see the birds from above
becket, ma
may 2, 2011

getting old
berkshires, ma
may 1, 2011
 touching down for twelve hours
april 29, 2011

slow goodbye
mayaguez, puerto rico
april 29, 2011

 i'm so awake, i can't be lost (pt. 2)
agaudilla, pr
april 28, 2011
a way out
puerto rico
april 28, 2011

 the idea was to go in as deep as we could
puerto rico
april 25, 2011


sea been good to me
puerto rico
april 24, 2011


 i'm so awake, i can't be lost  pt. 1
san juan, puerto rico
april 22, 2011
seventy-two hours in the city
new york, ny
april 21, 2011